Such a beautiful day on the coast in Half Moon Bay, this was my view from 337 Mirada Art Center in Half Moon Bay!




Annalisa Jose is a mixed media artist based in Walnut Creek, Ca.  She is originally from Brooklyn, New York but, after twenty-seven years on the west coast, California is home.  Jose completed the Art Cloth Mastery Program based in Texas and graduated from Mills College with a Bachelor of Arts degree.

She creates original, one-of-a kind wearable art through a low-immersion dye process. Low-immersion is a process in which the dyes are applied directly to the fabric using very little water compared to the tub dyeing process.

During this process of dyeing either the rayon or silk, the dyes often separate or combine creating visually stunning effects. Because these wearable art pieces are hand-dyed and sewn in small batches this translates into the uniqueness of each piece.