Chakra Panel

In Sanskrit the word chakra means "wheel" or "disk.” Each panel is my interpretation of the sevenfold chakra system contained in the human body. This chakra panel begins as a blank slate of white rayon fabric which is washed before any art work is started.  The panel is screen-printed with a stencil that I designed to represent the chakra's movement in a clockwise direction.  Once this first application of screen-printing dries it's ironed to set it permanently.

The dyes for all seven chakras are prepared and then hand-painted onto the rayon. The dyes batch for twenty-four hours, this is the time needed for the colors to be their brightest.  The panel is washed to remove excess dye. Soy wax is applied to preserve the individual colors of all seven chakras before hand-painting the background color of the panel.  Twenty-four hours is needed for the background color to batch properly.  The panel is washed and ironed again before the chakra symbols are hand-painted.

Before I begin hand-painting the chakra symbols I meditate for a short period to collect and ground my energy.  I am attuned to Reiki and consciously use this healing energy as I hand-paint the dyes and chakra symbols.

13" (width) x 75"( length)

Each chakra panel is mounted on a dowel with a gold ribbon for easy hanging. There is a dowel placed at the base of the panel too. Each panel is infused with Reiki energy and has its own energetic frequency.   Currently this chakra panel is available with the light turquoise background color.