Thoughts on Color Therapy

Color is a factor that affects every aspect of our daily lives: the clothes you wear, the food you eat, the colors in your home or office, and your emotions.  Are you aware of your mood in the morning as you reach into the closet to assemble your wardrobe for the day?  For most women, it’s about coordinating the colors of the dress or outfit and the accessories.  For men it’s a simple question of matching the shirt and tie.  If you wear a uniform your wardrobe has been dictated for you, but you still have a choice in selecting the light or dark colored jacket, hat, scarf or purse. 


Do you think about the colors you wear or gravitate towards?  What are your favorite colors?  Are there certain colors you avoid because you feel uncomfortable wearing them?  I think most people feel safe and comfortable in neutral colors.  Neutral colors allow you to blend in with the crowd, not attracting attention to yourself.  As you go about your daily routine of commuting to work, grocery shopping, or running errands, you can’t help but notice a person wearing bright colors.   It takes a certain level of confidence to pull off wearing yellow, turquoise or a bright green.  




Yellow is a bright color that reminds us of the sun.  If you are experiencing depression, yellow is a color that can help lift your spirits.  Sometimes I find myself gravitating towards certain colors to help me navigate any current issues in my life.  Whenever I see yellow or wear it, I am inspired to create and take action to bring my ideas to fruition.  




Turquoise is an amazing color, I love it.  It supports creativity, self-expression and healthy communication.  For instance, when I need extra help with my creativity I wear my turquoise scarf.  Usually light blue is the color associated with the throat chakra, but in my experience turquoise provides the support one needs for creative expression.




Green is the color usually associated with the heart chakra.  Recently I’ve become mindful that I need to be more loving or kind in my thoughts and actions towards others.  I find that wearing a green scarf or blouse is a physical reminder that it’s possible to speak or act from the heart. I ask myself, what am I trying to create?  What is my intention with my art?  What is my intention with this person?  Your intention is important and can be a powerful trigger for change.